Winter Property Maintenance Tips

Winter is not over and still has the potential of causing damage to a home or rental property. There is often a loss in heating fuel in homes without winterization and repairs tend to be costly and inconvenient.  Here is a handy winter maintenance checklist for landlords and property managers that can help alleviate what is left of perhaps the harshest season of the year:

  1. Insulation in attics and walls (add if necessary)
  2. Aging furnace with clogged air pipes
  3. PVC vent pipes cleared of any obstructions
  4. Furnace air filters changed every 3 months
  5. Fireplace chimneys declogged of carbon buildup
  6. Poor drainage of melting ice and snow from the roof
  7. Water pipes checked for exposure to freezing air and vulnerable to burst during cold snap
  8. Roof checked for damage and missing shingles
  9. Charged batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  10. Big tree branches vulnerable from heavy snow or ice storm cleared
  11. Roof gutters cleared of debris
  12. Windows checked for leakage and plug leaks with weatherstripping
  13. Air conditioner protected outside by using a cover or piece of plywood
  14. Hot water temperature check in the water tank
  15. Flush the hot water tank to drain dirt sediment and improve efficiency and cleanliness and lengthen the lifespan of the heater
  16. Outside lighting checked and repaired
  17. Landscaping features such as pots, planters and cover vulnerable plants covered
  18. Bag of salt delivered to renters
  19. Dirt, leaves and grime cleaned from window slide channels to avoid breakage 
  20. Clothes dryer vents cleaned

Just by sharing these reminders with homeowners and renters can encourage better care of the property and build a more trusting relationship with them. If any of the above items becomes a concern, ensure they contact a licensed, professional contractor when the job calls for it.  Below are some projects that are better left to the professionals.