Project Description

Making Old New Again

This beautiful but older multi-family community in Alexandria, Virginia was concerned about the look and safety of their balcony floors. The issues they were experiencing were typical of what happens over time with painted balcony floors   such as cracked boards and peeling paint. RPC presented the HOA with  two options, replace the floors with new composite flooring or repair and paint the existing flooring. In order to keep the materials representative of the period the building was built and to keep costs down, they choose to have RPC repair and paint all 10 balconies. RPC’s experience led them to choose an oil based primer and ArmorSeal Tread-Plex floor paint by Sherwin Williams. Tread-Plex has a sharkskin additive which delivers a long lasting beautiful look and offers slip resistance to add to safety. The HOA was thrilled with the results. Now RPC on to other projects for the community.

Project Details