It’s Bundle Up Season! 5 Tips to Help Your HOA Winterize

Wintry weather is right around the corner. Is your community prepared to handle the upcoming chill? Here are some tips to help winterize your managed properties, no matter what the season may bring.

1. Protect Your Pipes

Your community association can help reduce the likelihood of freezing pipes and the resulting damage by following these tips:

2. Inspect Building Exteriors

Inspect the exteriors of all community buildings for leaks or indications of wear and tear. 

Also, check doors and windows for cracks, leaks and drafts. If there are any cracked windows, they need to be replaced. If any areas around these doors and windows allow air to enter, they also will need to be properly sealed.

3. Inspect the HVAC System

Now is the time to prepare the furnace to efficiently heat those common areas throughout the winter. And very important – make sure your HVAC professional inspects for leaks and emissions that could create a safety risk for your homeowners and staff.

4. Review Your Snow Removal Plan

Snow removal is practically inevitable and always a huge responsibility for your HOA. We have affordable snow removal services, so finalize your game plan with us before the first big snowfall.

5. Plan for Power Outages

If your community is located in an area where ice storms or high winds are common, you can probably expect one or more power outages this year – and they can be especially dangerous for residents when temperatures plunge. Make sure you have enough working generators to provide heat and light in essential areas such as emergency staircases.

Winterizing your community can go a long way towards keeping your operations running smoothly and residents safe when temperatures begin to nosedive.  Count on us to help your community prepare for the coming winter season.