Pre-Winter Weather Property Inspection Tips

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With the commercial property and multi-family real estate marketplace being so competitive, it is essential that you keep your property value high and maintenance costs low. Experienced Property Managers know that bi-annual property inspections done by a trusted contractor are extremely important and prevent minor issues from becoming major budget-breaking, stress-making emergency nightmares.

After years of cleaning up and repairing preventable property damage, RPC developed a 21-point checklist to help identify issues early and keep properties looking their best.  We took input from property managers, engineers, and our own highly experienced project managers to develop this comprehensive interior and exterior inspection that we recommend you have done on your property every spring and fall. After the inspection is completed we take the time to sit down with you and explain any recommended remediation, and discuss expectations for the future health of your property.

Here is a sample of important pre-winter inspection check points:

Restoration services by Reston Painting & Contracting

Restoration services by Reston Painting & Contracting

On a happy note … painting, siding repairs, and other fixes not only save you money, they add property value and increase tenant satisfaction! Click here and Schedule Your Free Inspection Now!  * One free inspection per customer and inspection must be scheduled before November 15, 2015.

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